Indoor workouts to beat the cold

Sometimes it is just too cold to be outside. As a native Texan, I have no room to talk about the cold but believe it or not we do experience a week or two where it is just freezing. Maybe not Canada freezing (gosh, how do they live up there?) but its pretty cold. Especially in the mornings and evenings when most people schedule their workout.

I’ve put together some of my favorite basic workouts together that you can do indoors. Here we go!


This body resistance workout targets your leg muscles, specifically quadriceps and the hamstrings (front thigh and back thigh). Place your feet a bit larger then shoulder width apart. Feet pointing forwards, slowing come down bending through your hips and knees. Once you hit 90 degrees pull up again. That is one. Make sure to keep your back straight and do not let your knees fold inward. Do 50. If you need more of a challenge do 50 more. You’re on your way to gaining a lot of strength in your legs!


Photo credit: Fitness: fat loss


This mean basic upper-body exercise will get your in shape and build strength fast. If you are new to the push up world, well… they will hurt but hey no pain, no game right? Keep going! Imagine how strong you will feel if you can accomplish 20. Your shoulders should line up with your wrists and then come down with control (that is key!). Keep your elbows tucked close to your sides and get as close to the floor as your can without touching. If you are new to these set a weekly goal for yourself, 5 the first week. 10 the next and so on until you reach your personal goal.


                                  Photo credit: Fitness wiki


I give credit to this wonderful little push up addition to the Baylor Crew who really liked these during early morning practices. Basically you are going to do 15 push ups pyramid style, after each push up ‘set’ you are going to rest on your knees, take your arms and lift them up in a forward motion above your head (elbows high!) and cross your wrists the same number of times of push ups. For Example: 1 push up + 1 arm raise lift, 2 push ups + 2 arm raise lift, 3 push ups + 3 arm raise lifts and so on up to 15. See if you get that far, if you can do this with no problem, double the fun, once you get to 15 go back down the pyramid.


I love this exercise, it is so great for your core strength. With a strong core you will perform actions and sports specific movements better. Balancing on your forearms straight in front of you, elbows underneath your shoulders. Support your lower body with your toes. Raise your body and keep your hips, heels and shoulders at the same height. Hold a timer (maybe on your iphone?) in front of you to keep time. Hold for a minute. If you want to be really challenged try 3 minutes. I typically try and do 3 (one minute plank) of these, give yourself a minute rest in between each.


       Photo credit: Aguirre fitness


Another great core work out. Bicycles! Lay on your back with legs bent on the ground, feet straight forward. Typical sit up position. Instead of bringing your whole upper body towards your legs evenly you are going to place one hand behind your head and lift up towards your opposite leg. Left leg to right elbow, right leg to left elbow. Make sure to hold your core tight while you do these. Do 100.


                               Photo credit: Best ab work out guide 

Combine all of these workouts together and it shouldn’t take more then 30 minutes. Keep these up with a balanced diet and you will see results. You will also feel much stronger which is such a great feeling! Remember when building up strength it is okay to start small, you want quality over quantity. It isn’t important how many you can do but if you can do then with correct form. Stay motivated and you’ll reach your goals in no time…

Now get to it!


  1. Haley, I loveeee your blog! I always get excited for new posts!! Maybe do one on healthy college eating on a budget..just an idea! Keep it up!

    • Taylor, thank you so much! I’m so happy you’re a fan. I love the college eating on a budget idea, brilliant! Keep an eye out for the next few posts:)

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